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Insurance Management Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

In 2017, our exclusive agents Insurance Management (Bah) Ltd. (IMB) celebrated 40 years in business. The agency, which was founded by Cedric Saunders and Kenneth Russell, began as a small two man operation and has now grown to 5 branches with over 100 employees.

In addition to being the founder of IMB, Cedric Saunders was also the founder of Summit and our founding Chairman. The highlight of IMB’s 40th Anniversary celebrations was a luncheon for staff from all 5 branches and Summit held at The British Colonial Hilton on 22nd December. Colin Jones, Chairman of Summit, presented Insurance Management’s President Cedric Saunders with a specially engraved clock to mark the occasion. Tim Ingraham, General Manager of Summit thanked Insurance Management for their unwavering support and congratulated them on a successful 40 years.

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